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Cyborg Fernanda
1 Day

A cool scene from Rio under the bath just before entering the pool. To support me you know what to do: keep following me on Fanswise and sharing my preview. Your support means a lot for me. If you have a question ask her in the comment section. Thanks

Cyborg Fernanda
6 Days

Like a boss. Big in that jean... Take a look at it. How to support me? You can take capture (not video) and post on your forum and tell your friend that they can support me and access my videos. Thanks for your effective and long lasting support Fernanda.

Cyborg Fernanda
Apr 15th

i m sure you are going to like it. Please do not share my content. If you want to help me you can share the preview only from my Instagram or on the one on Youtube. You can share some screnshot this would help. If you want to meet me go on and see for my travel tour. I m starting on the session business next month. Thanks for your amazing support. I m getting bigger and bigget thanks to you.

Cyborg Fernanda
Apr 12th

New, new sexy video. not for kid !! :---)))

Cyborg Fernanda
Apr 9th

My super sexy video. I wont say more. Just take a look. Thanks for your support. As you know my goal is to grow. I d like to ear from you. Clic on like button. Leave comment.

Cyborg Fernanda
Apr 7th

This is great video that i like from me training in a gym hotel in Rio de Janeiro. Super view, and well how do you like my body pumping?

Cyborg Fernanda
Apr 5th

My new video; How big and sexy do you find me?

Cyborg Fernanda
Apr 4th

Little back training in my gym.

Cyborg Fernanda
Apr 2nd

Amazing view of my quad from the bottom. 4mn Long video!! worth 3 updates in a row ! . Do you like this? thanks for supporting me via Fanswise. I ll be travelling this year in Europe. Probably in May June in London and Europe. Send me message here to get in touch with me.

Cyborg Fernanda
Mar 25th

Go and discover my new video